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Mirjam asked question about Marseille, France

Hi all, I am looking for a reliable company that can offer accessible tours, incl adapted transport in Marseille. Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks! Mirjam Read more Read less

Tino Vodanovic reviewed Hotel Olympic

Great accessible hotel in the center of Heraklion with very kind staff. The hotel has a wheelchair room with a large, fully accessible bathroom. There are handles in the shower and next to the toilet. The only downside is that the eating area has a few steps so wheelchair users have their meals at the table down belw. Room service is also available. Overall it's a great hotel and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to stay in Heraklion.
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Tino Vodanovic asked question about Heraklion, Greece

Hi, can someone please suggest me a accessibe and clean place in Heeraklion for two persons where I can stay for a week at an affordable price Read more Read less

Olivier asked question about Zagreb, Croatia

Could someone give me the link to know if the bus from the airport to the city center of Zagreb is wheelchair accessible? thanks Read more Read less

Martin Heng asked question about Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dear Sinisa, I am wondering whether you received my earlier message sent to you via LinkedIn. In case you didn't, here it is again. I would also like to ask you if you could contribute to my next project: a multilanguage phrasebook for travelling with a disability. I have a template with just under 100 words and phrases. I'm hoping you can translate them into Polish. Although I cannot offer to pay you, I will give you full acknowledgement and print your website next to your name as the translator. If you are interested, I will send you the template as well as the official Lonely Planet guide to pronunciation. I do hope you can contribute to this new product that will help disabled travellers get around the world more easily. I since any hope you can find the time to help me as I believe that this product will make a great difference to travellers with a disability. Best wishes, Martin Read more Read less

Lauren asked question about Perth, Australia

Hi my name is Lauren I am an Occupational Therapy student currently on placement at the Independent Living Centre Western Australia. As part of my placement here I am doing some research into the accessibility of travel for people with disabilities. I will be creating an information handout that aims to provide useful tips and information to individuals living in W.A. wishing to travel with restricted mobility. I was hoping to get some answers to questions from people with a lived experience! 1. What is the one piece of advice you wish you had before your first flight/travelling experience? 2. I am aware that wider bodied aircraft have ‘accessible’ toilets, has anyone used one of these- what makes them more accessible? Is it just a matter of more space or are there other features? Read more Read less

Stipe Splivalo reviewed Sirana Gligora

Great place, great cheese and great accessibility! That`s the way to do it!
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Cami reviewed Museum Kaap Skil

Lean about the regions history, underwater archaeology, beachcombing and visit the fisherman’s village. This is a great stop while exploring the beautiful island Texel. Beautiful interactive exhibits have been built to engage people of all ages. Plan to spend approximately two hours. If traveling by car, accessible parking is available at the museum entrance. If traveling with public transportation, the museum can be accessed via bus 29 (Stop Heemskerckstraat). The museum is also available by taxi and bicycle. The company Accessible Travel Netherlands can make arrangements for you. The main museum has a lift and is fully accessible by wheelchair. The fisherman's cottages and some of the outdoor historic buildings are not fully accessible. Accessible toilets are available at the museum Staff members are friendly and are willing to assist when needed. Though parts of the museum are not fully accessible by wheelchair, there is still plenty to see with beautiful exhibits. This is also a great place to visit when the weather is rainy.
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Cami reviewed De Bokkesprong

Great food, cozy atmosphere. De Bokkesprong is a great place to stop for lunch, dinner, or a high tea. The food is of high quality at a reasonable price. If arriving by public transportation, Groet is accessible by bus from the Alkmaar train station. If you have special needs, be sure to call in advance to ensure the bus is suitable for your needs. If arriving by taxi, the company Accessible Travel Netherlands can make arrangements for you. If traveling by car, accessible parking is available near the restaurant. The restaurant can also be accessed from many of the bicycle trails in the area. Ramps are located at the main entrance, and there is plenty of room inside the restaurant to maneuver a wheelchair or scooter. De Bokkesprong is also located near beautiful bike trails that take you through the nearby forest, dunes, and beach. A wheelchair accessible toilet is located inside the restaurant. Staff members are friendly and can assist you if needed.
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Cami reviewed Zuiderzee Museum

This site consists of two sections; an outdoor museum and an indoor museum. In the indoor museum, you can see a collection of historic ships, and learn about the history and clothing of the people from the Zuiderzee culture. There are also special exhibits on display that change throughout the year. While most of the indoor museum is wheelchair accessible via ramps and lifts, there are a few areas within that are not. The outside portion of the museum is a 15 acre preserved village depicting various time periods of time. As a living history museum, you can meet villagers in traditional costume and ask them various questions you have. There are also opportunities where you can also help the villagers make nets, ropes, do laundry, etc. Because of the nature of the historic buildings, not all places are wheelchair accessible. Those that are have wheelchair ramps installed at the entrances. Many of the pathways are wheelchair accessible, but some of them are a bit steep, and many are brick paths that are not perfectly level. As long as you go slow, you should be fine. At the indoor museum, there is a lift and most of the floors are level with plenty of room to turn your wheelchair around. There are also wheelchairs available at the main entrance. Sections 13, 14, and 15 in the Journey around the Zuider are not wheelchair accessible. The Zuiderzee museum website contains valuable up to date information on parking and transportation to the museum. If arriving by taxi, the company Accessible Travel Netherlands can make arrangements for you. If arriving by public transportation, the museum is a 10-15 minute walk from the Enkuizen train station. There is one accessible toilet inside the entrance of the indoor museum and multiple accessible toilets at the outdoor museum.
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